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I’m not allowed to take this photo.  The woman at the counter said it was the store’s policy to not allow photography in the store.  Whaaaaat?   Forever 21 NYC

The store is Forever 21.  It is targeted for young women and girls.  It is one of my daughter’s favorite stores.  And, when we were in New York City, we spent a lot of time in this particular store.  We then spent more money than time.

So, no photo?  In this age of social media, why would a store not want a photo?  I saw women taking photos of themselves in new clothes and sending them to friends.  I saw women taking photos of clothing and posting them.  I saw people taking photos of each other on vacation.  So why no photos?

We then went to some Broadway shows, where ushers were running around the theater trying to keep people from taking photos.  Whaaaat?  Don’t they get social media and how powerful it could be to advertise these shows?  One photo of my daughter and me with the Spiderman graphic in the background would have been available to thousands of people instantly.

We then went to dinner at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. in Times Square, and the waiter said, “Do you want me to take a photo of you two to post?”  Whaaaat?  Yes we do, and we did.

So what is the moral of this long post?  It is time for the stores and Broadway to get with it.  It is time to embrace the new technology, not try to fight it.  Enjoy the photo of Forever 21.  I highly recommend it, even though they have some silly social policies.

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